General Medical Consultations

General practice adult and pediatric consultations for all conditions as well as medicals and immunizations.

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Specialist Medical Consultations In Internal Medicine

Detailed specialist medical consultations with special interest in Cardiology and evaluation/management of Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Strokes, Lupus and many more.

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Medical Laboratory - Integrated Medical Services Limited Laboratory.

Comprehensive Blood, Urine and Stool tests including all Cancer tests, HIV tests and Paternity and other DNA tests (Conditions apply) with quick turn-around time, reliable and excellent results.

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The Heart at Work

We will take a detailed look at your heart...and that's a promise!

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Books and Publishing at Integrated Medical Services Limited

. . . because we believe in academic excellence, evidence-based medicine and documentation of interesting clinical cases for posterity.

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Clinical Dialogues In Hospital Medicine

By Gabriel C. Ukala, FRCP Edin



Call: 1 876 961 4800-1 For Availability in Jamaica


Since 1993


You can obtain the hard copy of this book at Sangster’s Bookshop:
University bookstore: or at Fontana Pharmacy: Clinical Dialogues In Hospital Medicine

You can also purchase your eBook copy online @ Clinical Dialogues In Hospital Medicine Clinical Dialogues In Hospital Medicine Clinical Dialogues In Hospital Medicine

Most Recent Publication

. . . in the prestigious Journal of The Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, and also listed in PubMed

Image in Medicine: Phlegmasia Dolens

Wholesome approach at Integrated Medical Services Limited


"Health is not just the absence of disease but a complete state of physical, mental and spiritual well being..." At Integrated Medical Services Limited we truly provide an integrated service that encourages love and spirituality. Visit our website for inspiring LoveDipQuotes where we aim to Make People Human Again!

And we believe that being a good Doctor means taking time to be Human again, all the time.

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